All in One
  • Mutual Funds

    We support all the Mutual funds from India, Track your wealth realtime.

  • Stocks

    Track your stocks from NSE and BSE

  • Cryptocurrency

    We support over 4000+ coins, track your crypto investment with ease.

  • FD & RD

    Track your Fixed Deposit and Recurring deposit. Just enter basic details and start tracking.

  • Gold & Silver

    Track your Gold and Silver investments with realtime data.

  • Many more to come

    We are working hard to include other investments also in the MoneyFit.io


Keep track of your portfolio performance

You can keep track of your portfolio performance with daily, weekly and monthly changes.

  • Portfolio Changes

    Track your daily, weekly and monthly portfolio changes.

  • Beautiful graphs

    See your portfolio grow with well design graphs.

  • Real-time Data

    Get realtime value of your Portfolio

  • Historical Performance

    Check how a fund performed in the past. We support historical performance of all funds.

  • Analyse your Portfolio

    Analyse your portfolio which will help you make better decisions.

  • Reporting

    MoneyFit reporting will help you visulize your portfolio with ease.

  • Latest News

    Get latest news about the finance world.

  • Get up-to-date

    Get articles about the Cryptocurrency, Mutual funds, stocks and Tech in one app.

One app to track your overall finance and get News

MoneyFit.io provides you better and latest news about the fintech world. Get latets news about the Bitcoins, Stocks, and many more.


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